Morning Meditation (Laundring Dinosaurs)

I sit
mug hot, music on
heaps of twisty fabric
heaps of twisty thoughts
and begin to unwind

Hands move in flow
lifting each piece
to form neat stacks

Corner to corner
sock to sock
skateboard shirt, right
kitten shirt, left
cargo pants, right
green sweatshirt, left

Free from the sequence
my mind floats to
the night I didn’t know
we’d be transitioning
so transversely between lives
between realities
or the quaking depth of my love

Corner to corner
sock to sock
ripped jeans, right
blue tutu, left
striped shirt, right
polka dots, left

The day is coming
to celebrate, to cherish
to dwell on and in
the sacred space of your arrival
and I’m not sure
what or how to prepare
to honor our journeys

Corner to corner
sock to sock
Minecraft shirt, right
neon print, left
flannel shirt, right
play dress, left

pastel dinosaurs

I cradle warm cotton
imagining your shape
the feel of your weight
the smell of your head
and I fold
Chin and palms to chest
I wonder how you feel about it all
if you’ve consciousness of your time here
if you could find me in forever
the way that I could find you
the why and where you went
if I’m following a path you’ve left
or if it’s following me
I know I have to wait
and finish folding laundry

This is not my timeline
or you’d be here now
instead of limp pajamas

patpatforeverFor more of my poetry, click here.

One Love and the Love for One: Patrick James Doyle, 12/4/11 - 2/8/13


  1. It’s times like these that I wonder, is there a plan? A f orce beyond our knowing that explains ‘ things happen for a reason’. I wonder why you and not me? Why your Patrick and not my James? If I could reach thru and hug you a million times already I would have. My James, too, has watched his siblings leave on that big yellow bus. I just cant make sense of the random nature that is our lives. And yet your courage and love have made so many of us better parents in turn. Im rambling, I know. Please know that we are here with you, we share the laughter and the tears with you. Love and light and lots of laughter to you. ❀


  2. Tears. Tears. Tears streaming down my cheeks. My daughter, Kate, was born on 3.6.12 As fate would have it I had FB “liked” you days before sweet Pat Pat passed. Having a child so close in age to Pat my heart ached and become knotted with pain and grief for you and your family. There has not been one single day that has passed that I have not thought of you and Pat Pat. My heart is filled with a Molotov cocktail of guilt and thankfulness. Your words and your photos touch me so deeply. All my love. Your courage and bravery leaves me speechless. Thank you for sharing your journey with me.


  3. Oh, Julie. I see you, there folding, and it breaks my heart.
    The two of you are inexorably linked; Patrick can find you wherever you are.

    Sending love out to the universe for you all.


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