Some Times

Sometimes I catch myself laughing
and wonder how I could do such a thing
when there’s so much hurt
Sometimes I catch myself crying
and wonder how I could do such a thing
when there’s so much beauty
either way
it’s always because I love you

One Love and the Love for One: Patrick James Doyle

I realized that I haven’t written for a while here… it was during my reflective pause in writing that my sweet boy Patrick, just days after taking his first steps, crossed the Rainbow Bridge in his dreams and slipped gently into the stars at the age of 14 months & four days. I had never heard of Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood (SUDC) before that night and had been fairly convinced SIDS was for babies 3 months and under who had suffocated. I learned differently two weeks ago, and my life is forever changed.

Boobfood: Lactation Cookies

I’ve made a recent discovery that I would feel guilty not sharing. While mining through the internet working on another piece for this blog about breastfeeding, I struck gold. GOLD, ladies! Well, actually, I struck chocolate, and a bunch of other ingredients it turns out are really good for nursing moms.


It’s what I do with shadows avoid the sneak attack of grief duck, dodge, and swing but it always finds…


You think you’ve discovered me that you’re going to inform me of my label who I’ve been who I am…