Phone rings at work How may I help I answer He has cancer She says Sinking in I begin counting hours breaths seconds of his Bracing myself because I know that he will and so my 6 year old inside rages and dies tearful fight of dark against light of what must be even if… Read More Drained


I died I want to die I am dying but I live and I want to because you once did I hurt I want my ache I am grieving bleeding and healing because love fills the space in the atomic ache and there you live


From Alcatraz by spoon I’ve reached the sea that spans the world though the particular name and location of my free that touches everything is specific as are the bridges there because they are where I call home When I found myself on that shore having abandoned all hope of simple ability to ever walk… Read More BC

A Good Bye

You act like I’ll always be here to hold you And I will in the marrow of my memory of who is me But never again in my arms legs or mind Not until we are stars again I hope this has been a good bye  


You think you’ve discovered me that you’re going to inform me of my label who I’ve been who I am but I’ve been here hundreds of years and it’s quite clear that I don’t require your validation or interpretation to continue existing because I am what I always have been no matter what I am… Read More Columbus

Candy Crush

I told you that I loved you ten thousand times with my eyes before it fell from my lips How I’ve suffered without words or touch from yours But I’ve lived and I’ve made do constructed a life to live without you and I even thought it could work until I realized holding space for… Read More Candy Crush


It seems clear a still pond in the morning temporary escape idyllic picture in your head that makes you want to stay But when you jump in everything muddles around you the ripple effects carry on things and those you love have no choice but to be pushed away At first the cool is refreshing contrast to… Read More Clear