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Wordless Wednesday: 1st Birthday & 4 Generations at the Nutcracker

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday! This weekend was a big one! On Saturday, we celebrated Patrick’s first birthday. (as well as our first Nursiversary!) Living in California means we were still able to have his party outside at a local park that is AWESOME so the kids could enjoy the sunshine and the the trees, despite … Continue reading

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Udder Bullsh*t: Award Winning Blogger, Author and Artist Behind Hathor, The Cow Goddess Banned From Facebook During World Breastfeeding Week (and she emailed ME!)

It’s my birthday today. I was just writing about how the whole thing has got me bummed, since one of the last smiling pictures of my dad ever taken was with my sister and I, a month before he died on my birthday in 2010. To make matters worse, the baby hasn’t been sleeping well. … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful, Badass Breastfeeding

  Welcome to Wordless Wednesday!…. again.  I can’t help it! It’s World Breastfeeding Week and breastfeeding is one of my favorite subjects! I have come across some seriously badass images of breastfeeding in my blogging- and just like with my Lactation Cookie recipe- I would feel bad not sharing!. This post has the same linky … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: World Breastfeeding Week

  Welcome to Wordless Wednesday! August 1-7th is World Breastfeeding Week: 2012 Marks 10 years! Check out for more!   photo courtesy of: Live With Purpose While I support breastfeeding, I am moreover an advocate of making informed decisions children and of supporting the (informed) choices other parents make, even ones that differ from my … Continue reading

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Paleo Parenting: Trusting Your Guts

This morning, Chelsea (who moderates the community page on Facebook with me) announced she is “going Paleo”. It’s something I’ve become interested in lately, having seen it pop up in the profiles of some of my twitterfriends (Hi, Brian!) and in a few discussions among (real-life) friends, (Hi, Jess!) too. Now that it’s made its … Continue reading

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Small Steps for Womankind: The Woman’s Hall of Fame Turns 43

We’ve all heard the saying,  “Well behaved women seldom make history”Laurel Thatcher Ulrich The Tea Table used to signThe Declaration of Sentiments in 1848 It might as well be the motto for the National Women’s Hall of Fame, created 43 years ago today (that’s 1969, for those of you who haven’t had your coffee) in … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: You Are What You Eat!

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday  Thanks for stopping by!  Feel free to grab my button from the sidebar, as well as click the tab at the top of the page for more wordless posts. If you like this post, you can subscribe by RSS or e-mail and have a fairy (or ‘a series of tubes’ if you’re Ted … Continue reading

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Conceiving & Grieving: Birthing Basics

I’ve had a really, really difficult time staying happy since Father’s Day. It was only my second one without my dad; I knew it would be hard. Trying to prepare myself for the emotional tsunami of (t)sadness was like trying to remember how much labor hurts. There’s a vague impression left, but nothing that even touches … Continue reading