Becoming Unbecoming



Since the moment you were born
you cried for me day by day
and I came to soothe you
heart and breasts full
frenzied or calm
elated or defeated
alert or exhausted
or somewhere in between
tenderly rocking
milk freely flowing
running my fingers through your hair
as you lay quietly
warm bath of oxytocin
becoming one love

Since the moment you died
I cry for you day by day
and sit alone, still yearning
heart and breasts deflated
anxious or numb
distracted or depressed
present or vacant
or somewhere in between
tenderly rocking
tears freely flowing
running my fingers through clover that grows
where you lay quietly
cold dose of reality
becoming a loss mom

For more of my poetry, click here.


  1. so very well expressed, a mama’s heart……my heart aches for you and I ask Papa to comfort you, I have had the loss of a baby. He will comfort you.


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