The Artist

Meet me at the place where your love for yourself slightly outweighs your love for your family and me for sour and spicy things for drawing and ways to escape Meet me with eyes and no words where we know that we’re heard honestly without shame this is not a fucking game but the ball is fully in your… Read More The Artist


I want to scream at the sky for all the reasons I can’t know why can’t have prevented can’t prevent now for myself or anyone else walking into that sight It’s in my head and in my heart every single fucking day every hour, every minute all the things that I can’t change I don’t… Read More Flag


What you were just for a moment when I first beheld you tiny paper fingernails eyes as deep as the cosmos a perfect latch intact tiny care bears on your hat love between you and I like the sky The gendered normative of your gifted toys your favorite blanket the music you liked a spectrum… Read More Blues

SUDC Matters

It’s been 140 weeks since Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood took my son and we’re in the last week of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month. The more I’ve sat with those two thoughts and tried to participate in activities geared toward the latter, the more I feel that they aren’t really related; the C… Read More SUDC Matters