Unwise Whys

Is it my need for presence
that promotes your absence?
My forward honesty
the fabric for your
loophole manipulations?
Is it her face you see
when you’re holding me
or is it that
I am the everything
you’ve wished she was
and that you find that

How can you just
not speak
and watch yourself
break my heart
while it’s already breaking itself
The moment I slip
you lose your grip
and kick me
while and because
I’m down
You’ve gotten your boots
muddied again
and you need a place
with a welcome mat
to come home to
that space I hold
for you

So why would you
let go?
What does it take for you
to speak or mind?
No poetry or rhyme
no amount of time
no realization
or action
can find
it’s way through
the labyrinth of you

you remind me of the babe
hurts me in a place
where I know that
I can never reach you
unless you find a way
to reach out from the fray
in your thoughts
heart and mind
to where
you know
I stay

Originally written 2/3/15

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