Candy Crush

I told you that I loved you ten thousand times with my eyes before it fell from my lips How I’ve suffered without words or touch from yours But I’ve lived and I’ve made do constructed a life to live without you and I even thought it could work until I realized holding space for… Read More Candy Crush


I used to think that all downhill from here was a good thing stomach butterflies the careful letting go it’s own reward after the climb because I let myself forget now that it’s been some time about looking over and realizing I’m alone full speed the mountain still before me but now I remember about… Read More Downhill

The Work

Each morning with the growing light My eyes constricting  from the sight I fumble back from dreamless night A lightning bolt within me strikes and I know that something is just not right A reverse process begins within my frame Every day since the one has started much the same My thoughts fall through the… Read More The Work