It seems clear
a still pond in the morning
temporary escape
idyllic picture in your head
that makes you want to stay

But when you jump in
everything muddles
around you
the ripple effects
carry on
things and those you love
have no choice
but to be pushed

At first the cool is refreshing
contrast to burning questions
with answers that sear
but it gets cold
it gets old
spending all of your energy
trying to keep your head
above what you dove into
and forget
standing on land and
those on the shore
at all
watching you struggle
where we can’t go
or save you

I can’t wait
I can’t stay
watching causes
too much pain
but I will leave
a piece of me
where you can see
so when you come up
for air
you’ll know
I’ve been there
and then
bring it to me
when you’re dry

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