From Alcatraz by spoon I’ve reached the sea that spans the world though the particular name and location of my free that touches everything is specific as are the bridges there because they are where I call home When I found myself on that shore having abandoned all hope of simple ability to ever walk… Read More BC

Candy Crush

I told you that I loved you ten thousand times with my eyes before it fell from my lips How I’ve suffered without words or touch from yours But I’ve lived and I’ve made do constructed a life to live without you and I even thought it could work until I realized holding space for… Read More Candy Crush


It seems clear a still pond in the morning temporary escape idyllic picture in your head that makes you want to stay But when you jump in everything muddles around you the ripple effects carry on things and those you love have no choice but to be pushed away At first the cool is refreshing contrast to… Read More Clear

The Artist

Meet me at the place where your love for yourself slightly outweighs your love for your family and me for sour and spicy things for drawing and ways to escape Meet me with eyes and no words where we know that we’re heard honestly without shame this is not a fucking game but the ball is fully in your… Read More The Artist


There’s too much dis-articulate particulate here vague fragmentation of all left unsaid in the air Everywhere I bend you break me and drop the pieces upon realizing what’s shattered is sharp So you’re right there and I’m left here disarticulated to pick myself up shadowboxing hope and fear of the time I grow the nerve… Read More Disarticulated


There has never been a time I have been able to keep myself from leaving a breadcrumb trail brightly wrapped pieces to and of my heart bat signals cryptograms and phrases in languages only We speak for you to find including this one because I know you get them and me But there has never… Read More Lozenge


I used to think that all downhill from here was a good thing stomach butterflies the careful letting go it’s own reward after the climb because I let myself forget now that it’s been some time about looking over and realizing I’m alone full speed the mountain still before me but now I remember about… Read More Downhill