The Anatomy of a Friendship

You are the bones
I am the muscle
sometimes I stretch
farther than I should
and you support me
as I heal
Sometimes you break
where you can’t bend
and I hold you
and help you remember
where you belong
though sometimes
we switch places
for balance

You are petrichor and coffee
redwoods and ocean
and I can’t help
but feel home
when I’m with you
When something strikes me silly
you’re the first I want to tell
When I’m sad
your shoulder is the one
my forehead wants most
When I see yellow flowers
you’re where my heart goes
It’s been that way
for years

Being with you is like music
creating another space and time
familiar and new
nostalgic and hopeful
old souls with new stories
laughter and tears
your eyes have always seen
right through both
I’ve never known whether
I loved or hated
the sudden disarming
I usually like to prepare
for myself to be bare
but I think
I’ve got the hang of it

But it’s still so striking
when our eyes meet
arms wrap around
in synch on repeat
No matter how long
it’s been, it’s still
“There you are, Friend.
I’ve missed you.
I love you.
Tell me everything.”

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