There’s no wine or weed or whiskey
that can transmute the ache
No way to mask or hold it
Nowhere to give it away

No therapy, no hiking
no new age shit or meds
will quell the aching of fingers
for hair swept along his forehead

No words to loosely cage
the raging animal within who
barely finds the ones
to fold and hold
the world you’re looking into

I can’t surmise what you see here
a fish looking at water
Just keep going
as it keeps flowing
like a wound without a cauter

I did make the agreement
to give a part of my heart a soul
and let it leave my body
to grow one all its own

I thought I had a grasp
on what it was about
But nothing could prepare me
for that within
to live without

The blind leading the curious
or perhaps others with no voice
some read to get an idea
others for a nod
where they lacked choice

Super natural cherishing
hits sick twist of fate
unlocks a lifelong harrowing
of supernatural reasons
that took him away

The way down this dark path
mirrors one I used to love
Now a candle without a match
a future we’re void of
and I will never be lighter

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