Because of you
I know
whom my world can do without
and whom I would miss
if I couldn’t find
so I connect

Because of you
I can take a breath
or fifty
or ten thousand
and wait
knowing full well that
time is the only gift we can truly give
and I give it freely

Because of you
I know what can wait
and what just can’t

Because of you
I know in my deepest, darkest parts
even the ones that rage and burn
the ones that will never understand
and the ones that will always seek to
that it is better to have loved and lost
than never to have loved at all
and I love with every space in my heart
especially yours

Because of you
my heart is a compass
even when damaged and broken
I know where my treasure lies
and I cherish it always

Because of you
I’m sure every good bye will be my last
and I’m terrified
of everything I love
because I know full well
what it means
to have it ripped away

But if I’ve learned anything
because of you
it’s that it’s worth it


For more of my poetry, click here.

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