What Counts

How can one love be so wholly
strength and kryptonite?
One single candle lit
that suddenly makes the world seem light
Yours is the hand I hold
each time
I need to find the strength to try
the questions posed by fear
are always answered in your eyes

I’ll jump off every ledge for you
and stretch my every edge
I’ll prove
not in some grandiose, magnificent way
but in the every day
fumbling places I change
in the way my heart catches
when I hear your name
and constantly burns
with concentrated  flame

How boundless our connection
all the tiers of my affection
Every way my life has turned
since you
ends up in your direction

I can’t do anything but love you
my heart beats a battclecry drum for you
Sometimes it’s all I hear
throughout all the ache and tears
the other side of facing fears
through years
this bond grows with age
though you, love, never will

My angel,  silly sunshine,
my sweet dust of star
I’ll be there, wherever it is that you are
even at a distance beyond how far
my silly mind can comprehend
we always meet again

and every time we do
it’s always the same
and it’s that I love you
and that I will see you
and you’ll see me, too
and that will count for everything

*I saw this photograph my very talented friend Neight (who filmed the Sing for SUDC video for me) took after starting to write this, and the sea, stars and cliffs are exactly what my love and grief feel like right now. ❤

For more of my poetry, click here.


  1. Isn’t it amazing when a photo captures perfectly what we are feeling? No words necessary, just as it needs to be sometimes. Still with you, Julie. Lea

    Lea Stanton Gregor 406-560-5683



    • beautiful yet again. your beautiful boy is with your dad. i know you wish they were both here but at least they are together and always looking down on you. xoxo


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