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I am conscious of my body and the things it is capable of Which is everything I choose so I decide and decipher what my soul is tied to and which paths will be left untrodden Because at night I always walk alone A blast of swirling questions fear and judgement rain down but I … Continue reading

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I took you there to celebrate the harvest pumpkins and hayrides the giant Ferris Wheel I can still feel you pressed against my chest and see your bright eyes taking it all in It was your complexion milky like your sleepy smile downy fluff hair flushed and full cheeks delicious thighs and eyes that hold … Continue reading

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There has never been a time I have been able to keep myself from leaving a breadcrumb trail brightly wrapped pieces to and of my heart bat signals cryptograms and phrases in languages only We speak for you to find including this one because I know you get them and me But there has never … Continue reading