Matter Patterns

Grief is proportionate to love
It hurts because it matters
My former life was full of you
and so you’re in my latters

You will always matter
I’ll hold any form you take
We are all of stardust
formed in 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8

Phyllotaxis of the soul
where chi aligns with phi
My direction of growth evolved
because our lives entwined

The pattern of the matter
knowing true value, then the sum
Golden Spiral born of seeing
who we were and have become

And then is born a whole new self
from the fusing two
and when that self is recognized
the process starts anew

Your Indigo drop in my hue
will color everything I do
the only comfort I hold true
within the me
that’s without you


For more of my poetry, click here.

physics sparklesKnowing these things helped me, maybe it can help someone else, too.

This post from Laura Grace Weldon gave me comfort, too:
Mother & Child Are Linked At The Cellular Level



Further reading:

Botticelli, The Birth of Venus and the Golden Ratio in Art Composition


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