I died I want to die I am dying but I live and I want to because you once did I hurt I want my ache I am grieving bleeding and healing because love fills the space in the atomic ache and there you live Advertisements


My heart is sore this morning because it spent the night despite my tired state stretching to the edges of everything it knows seeking our sillage like an old labrador lost in the forest without its companion roaming like a compass with no magnet like a song with no rhythm there just isn’t sense though… Read More Despite

Forboding Joy

Trigger warning: child loss When my father died,  there came a cold, permanent reminder that sometimes, life is too short, and that death can come far too unpredictably, too soon. With Patrick’s death came the reality that my best, most difficult, lengthy, impassioned efforts that I couldn’t possibly care more about or pour more of… Read More Forboding Joy