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Leia is a Disney Princess: May the Force Be With Her

The following could either mean seriously heinous or seriously awesome news. Unless you’ve got your head in a hole, you have likely recently heard that George Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney. As soon as I read the headline, Leia was my first thought. If they start selling pink plastic vacuums with disproportionately skinny and busty … Continue reading

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November 9th: International Gay Red Shirt Day

Do you use the word “gay” when you mean, “stupid” “boring” “ugly”? Why? Careless adoption of  this derogatory slang term has become a widely accepted common practice across the world and it’s time we pull it apart and take it for what it is. Mean.It’s telling an entire group of people that they, themselves are “stupid” … Continue reading

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Udder Bullsh*t: Award Winning Blogger, Author and Artist Behind Hathor, The Cow Goddess Banned From Facebook During World Breastfeeding Week (and she emailed ME!)

It’s my birthday today. I was just writing about how the whole thing has got me bummed, since one of the last smiling pictures of my dad ever taken was with my sister and I, a month before he died on my birthday in 2010. To make matters worse, the baby hasn’t been sleeping well. … Continue reading