The Progressive Parent Creed

I was raised Christian and grew up reciting The Apostles Creed in church.

Now that I’m a little older and more self-aware, I’ve decided to make a belief statement of my own: not to offend, counteract or replace the original- just for my own clarity- and maybe for some others’, too. It can be scary to examine your beliefs, it can also be liberating- I found writing this to be both.

I’ve incorporated wisdom and inspiration from The Four Agreements, Marianne Williamson’s prose in “A Return to Love”, quoted here and my own life experiences. However, nothing has given my love, courage, clarity, wisdom and inspiration more than my children; this is for them.

I believe in Nature and in One Spirit, Universal,
and in equality for all begotten spirits, all One.
Made of stars and born of life’s infinite miracles;
Each of us suffer our own hell,
but also hold the key to free ourselves from it,
ascend to a place of higher thinking, and grow.
From thence, we can shine our light, helping others grow along the path.
I believe in my children.
I believe that no institution should choose how I procreate, medicate, or marry,
in the forgiveness of self,
the resurrection of the spirit,
and in peace, everlasting.


 Have you ever written out your beliefs on your own? 

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