Wordless Wednesday: Wearing My Gay Red Shirt

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday!
I hope you’re getting your vote on today, regardless of who or what it’s for. 
I’m getting so excited to hear the results!

I voted for Gary Johnson for President to be part of the 5% and YES on Prop 37 and Prop 30! Had I the opportunity, I’d be joining an ever growing populous in favor of lifting the prohibitions of marijuana and same sex marriage
To that end, I am dedicating this WW post to raising awareness for 
International Gay Red Shirt Day,
November 9, 2012
Of course, wearing it Tuesday morning means I’ll be doing more laundry…
Read more about Gay Red Shirt Day here. 
Update: My activism made the news in New Zealand here!

You can also find and follow them:

Thanks for checking in
& see you next week! 

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  1. LOL – I live in New Zealand and I am wearing my gay red shirt today, now I will have to wash it by Friday – just kidding about the shirt. John Key (like most politician) is an embarrassment at times. We like to be in the News for cool things we do, not things which make us roll our eyes. Good on you for taking a stand.


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