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November 9th: International Gay Red Shirt Day

Do you use the word “gay” when you mean, “stupid” “boring” “ugly”? Why? Careless adoption of  this derogatory slang term has become a widely accepted common practice across the world and it’s time we pull it apart and take it for what it is. Mean.It’s telling an entire group of people that they, themselves are “stupid” … Continue reading

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There has somethingvelied, unseen, undiscussed in our world. It is one of the most powerful forces on earth; so powerful warshave been waged all throughout history just for its favors, there are books, classes, lives dedicated to knowing it better. It is everywhere; your house, stores, books, TV, your own mother. Unfortunately, dear reader, this … Continue reading

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Changing The (Mom War) Conversation: Suck Up and Be Nice

Did you know there’s a war? (UH! what is it goood fo-sorry…) There’s a war on, well- everything, these days. There’s been the “War on Terror” since 9/11, and the “War on Drugs” since 1969 and Obama’s new reversal in his War on Cannabis. There’s the War on Taxes, War on Kids, War on Pitbulls, the War on … Continue reading