To The Ones That Stay: How To Support Grieving Parents
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To The Ones That Stay: How To Support Grieving Parents

Because grief is so varied and personal, there is no “normal” or “right” way to grieve, except to feel your way through it. This means people actively trying to move through and express their pain show it in a wide variety of ways outside of the behaviors people are used to seeing. We aren’t “Fine” and everyone knows it. Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Peggy!

It’s Peggy O’Mara’s birthday today! As the former editor and publisher of Mothering Magazine, she gave creative, gentle, natural and informed parenting a place in mainstream media before we had Facebook groups, Google hangouts and Pinterest to help network and spread information and ideas- and connections, too. Mothering was the only magazine I’ve ever opened … Continue reading

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The Soul in my Soles

Gosh, I’m so picky! No wonder I haven’t been writing. I’ve had to adjust the lighting, change the music, redirect the angle of the blinds, get more coffee, check on the kids, check my email, use the bathroom, get MORE coffee, adjust my chair, put my hair back up, and finally just sit the hell … Continue reading

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Finding the Zen: Messy Pancakes

The recent chilly, week-long school holiday prompted my 9 year old son to ask, “Mom? Can we make Messy Pancakes again?” They are his longstanding favorite breakfast food, based on a recipe I discovered years ago and tweaked into one that has become fully our own family tradition- including the name. I grew up on … Continue reading