Freedom Fries and The 5%

I love watching documentaries- especially ones that help stimulate the good ol’ grey matter. There’s a lot of “patriotic” language flying around in the media these days with the elections so close- I encourage you to watch this documentary (which is years old and not election related at all) and to examine how the media may be manipulating your dollars- and your vote.

You know how you can ACTUALLY help liberate our children, ourselves and our troops this election?

Vote for Gary Johnson & be Libertarian for ONE election. Don’t think you’re Libertarian?

 I’ve never voted Libertarian, personally. But I’m sick of media manipulation & political propaganda. Just 5% of the vote ends the two party system and cracks the mold that’s been set by big money and gives us more power and more voice in our country than we’ve ever had before. Ever. That means our children wouldn’t be bound to the confines of a corporate-fuled two party system, either. Your vote this election could change the system forever. 

Vote for progress with me!

A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote:

  • for peace
  • to end the cycle of bullshit in the two party system
  • for marriage equality
  • for comprehensive tax reform
  • better education and funding for schools
  • to pull troops from Afghanistan
  • NOT to renew the Patriot Act
  • to regulate marijuana like alcohol
  • for PROGRESS!

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