Leia is a Disney Princess: May the Force Be With Her

The following could either mean seriously heinous or seriously awesome news. Unless you’ve got your head in a hole, you have likely recently heard that George Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney.

As soon as I read the headline, Leia was my first thought. If they start selling pink plastic vacuums with disproportionately skinny and busty Leias on them I am going to raise some serious hell. I daresay, I am not alone in my sentiment. On a positive note- perhaps Leia will bring some needed kick-assness to the princess crew? Maybe? At least now there’s a Disney Princess I think rocks, which I’ll take.While it is highly commendable that Mr. Lucas donated the 4+ billion profit from the sale toward education, I still fear for my favorite space royalty’s integrity.

Leia (okay, Carrie Fisher) herself even put in her two cents (along with that of her French Bully’s) here. Based on that, I’m pretty sure she’d like this, too- except that I wish they had gotten Sarah Silverman to play Leia and had her talk some damn sense into these ladies.

Like I said: May the Force be with her.

I wish more princesses were actually portrayed like Leia, and more people with money spent it more like George Lucas.
That is all.

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