30 Days of Gratitude: Day 15

It was after I’d posted my 30 Days of Gratitude yesterday evening about the struggles I was having holding my son for (what feels like) 24/7 that I found out that a fellow mother blogger, progressive parent and all around awesome person, Kalli Hyde would be holding her four year old son, Cashy, for the very last time that night. My heart breaks for their whole family. I know the pain of losing a parent to cancer- when I think 54 was too young, that my dad never saw retirement- I’m reminded that 50 years less is way too young- Cashy never even saw kindergarten.

The reminder of our own mortality and of life’s illogical happenings is what is making me grateful today– grateful for every sweet breath that my kids take, even if it’s followed by, “But I don’t want beans and rice again!” and “But SHEEEE did it to MEEE!”
Ah, yes. I feel a migraine twinging in my neck just reading that! Let’s refocus on the goods, shall we?
Today, I am grateful for:
  • Life. Just plain living. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift- that’s why it’s called the present.

  • New life. A childhood friend of mine (and one of the only people I’ve known as long as I’ve known faux-hubby) became a father to a beautiful baby girl today. As much as my heart aches for one family, it finds joy in the new beginnings of another. As an added bonus, his mom is an absolutely lovely woman that I’ve always considered a pseudo-second-mother became a grandmother– many longtime prayers answered in a single birth. ♥
  • The weather. I live in Northern California, where is has been a steady stream of sunny, crisp mid-60’s fall afternoons. The chill in the air is coming, as are the rains- neither of which I mind, really. But I adore being able to reset by simply strapping the baby on and taking the short walk to the state park or the creek nearby. 
  • Gorgeous surroundings. I live approximately an hour (or less) from lakes, camping, hiking, the Russian River, the beach, the mountains, vineyards, the redwoods, the petrified forest, San Francisco, Napa, Sonoma and plenty of other destination places. In a short drive, I can be transported to a completely different time, place and setting- something I don’t take advantage of nearly enough. I am truly blessed to live in such a gorgeous (and progressively-minded!) place. 
  • The fact that I finally got my Amber post up. I did a lot of research & reading before I started writing. I got a lot of input from my Facebook community and I’m excited for Patrick’s necklace to come in the mail!

Thanks for checking in and see you tomorrow!

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