30 Days of Gratitude: Day 3

Oy! I’m tired- we had our family party for the boys and my niece (whose actual birthday is) today and we’re finally home and settled. I was out of coffee this morning– not a good thing.

I did, however recieve something in the mail from my ex-husband along with our son’s birthday present; my senior yearbook, which contained a page long message from a dear friend who was stabbed to death right before our divorce and my father’s cancer diagnosis. It was not a good time. I hadn’t spoken to Mickey in years before he died, even though we did our best to keep in touch. His yearbook message even said that he would promise to always try and send me his address when he moved.

I cried at the loss of our friendship and the loss for the whole damn world of such a dynamic person. I wondered if the guy who killed him ever realizes that there are people far from Florida, far from that day that break down and mourn in their kitchens because he lost his temper that day.


I am participating in my own 30 Days of Gratitude this November to help me recenter and refocus on my life and what is important in it and help me get back into the habit of writing again. I try and list five things per day that I am grateful for.

I mean…

Ya know?

Today, I am grateful for:

  •  Mickey Vandi, and for the good he did during the time he was here. You are missed, dear friend and never forgotten. β™₯
  • the coffee that I usually have- no way to appreciate something like being separated from it for awhile!
  • the handful of Progrents that regularly post on my Facebook page, offer advice, share experiences & bits about themselves & the ones who have taken the time to send me a message to say that I’ve somehow brightened their day or helped in some way; all of that means SO much to me. It’s literally the only payment I get for my time. (So far…)
  • the gosh darn cutest, mellowest bonus baby, ever! He crawls around, effing up laundry, making the most hilarious Gerber baby noises ever. Also, he has a fantastic mullet, which is just like… amazeballs. You can’t not love a baby who is SO cute and has a built-in 80’s punk ‘do. You just can’t. 
Seriously, look at that thing! It was growing in utero…
  • My dad, who is clearly watching over my family and smiling. I still miss him so much it makes my ache in my solar plexus. The memory of him, what he loved and how he showed it helps me be better and do more every day. 

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At the party tonight. SEE about the cute babyness??
Thanks for checking in and see you tomorrow!

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