To the mama
who holds the other half of my heart
and slight RBF
friend of my soul
maker of laughter
perfectly timed
with my attempts to swallow
keeper of my secrets
that I could never keep
from you
Sit down
and listen here
to me

really take time to
stop and hear
how much
your heart
and candor
how you somehow
are my same
my better
and my opposite
all wrapped in one
make my life better
just by existing
in whatever
beautiful fuckery our lives
(or laundry on my bed
the baby)
may be unfolding

To be truly seen
loved and appreciated
held space for
and held in place
without judgement
with so much empathy
and deep goddess love
is one of life’s greatest gifts
you not only give to me
but to anyone
you see who needs
you’re just that way
and that you’d never
try to change
but try to be that
on fire
makes me
inspired and proud
and love you
even more

A champion for the underdog
you will not be silenced
your warrior heart
cares and carries
so very much
and I hear
when it grows
heavy and weary
questions and worries
waiting through
feeling helpless
and overwhelmed
like now
so share with me yours
while you
listen to mine

My voice is best here
When yours is tired
please find and
hear mine this way
and know that
I’m using it
because of
and for you
that I don’t know
what I did
or what I’d do
with no you
and I never want to

if I could find you
teleporting unicorns
with specially evolved
colons and sphincters
(I just used ‘sphincter’ in a poem
I’d text to tell you
but now you already know)
to happily and peaceably
eject rainbow glitter
upon each location change
that turned into money
and precious stones
sweet Rubies
color of fire and passion
blood and birth
I would make it happen
you are worth
more to me
than coffee

You are
such a joy
and a relief
to know
my friend
and despite
how much life
turns and hurts
I am always
grateful for
the you
in mine


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