Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful Braids

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday!

I have four boys and one daughter- which means all of the skills honed throughout my years of braiding for drill team, cheerleading and choral concerts are streamlined daily onto one head! (I had a feeling if I had three girls and one boy, I may not have so much time/motivation in the morning!) She and I both have hair just about two feet long (halfway down my back, for me- on her, two feet reaches her waistline. (Though my 8 year old skater-boy has “long” hair past his shoulders, too. πŸ™‚ Since she started kindergarten, it’s been a new challenge to get UP and do her hair in a timely manner- my morning arsenal includes coffee, our DIY detangler, a comb (to help with parting the hair- sometimes, I just use my fingernails, though) and a brush. You can check out my basic braiding tutorial for more tips!

It’s mostly fun to take care of- it helps that she LOVES being what she refers to as a “hip girl” (when she tries out her new styles and feels supercool- I mean hip.) and that she comes up with hair creations and inspirations all her own! (“No, Mama! Like THIS with the hair and then you do like (vague hand movement) to make a heart!”) Right.

Are there braids you’ve wanted to learn, but didn’t know how? 
Are there any here or around the web you’d like me to show/figure out for you? 
I’m always game for a creative challenge! 
Feel free to suggest hairstyles in the comments or share anytime on me Facebook wall.

Half Hitch Heart
Double Dutch Crown

DNA Chain Braid

Double Waterfall into Fishtail
Five Strand Braid (She can’t have ALL the fun!)

Triple Half Hitch to Ponytail Swirl

Taken with Instagram. Follow me @SavagePatchKids!

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  1. Wow, IΒ΄m impressed! My older daughter doesnΒ΄t want to have long hair and my 4 yr old girl wants to have long hair, but it doesnΒ΄t grow as fast as she wants to. πŸ™‚


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