Wordless Wednesday: Wine Country Weekend

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday!

This weekend, my oldest son and I made a special date to visit the Jelly Belly Factory! While they don’t allow cameras inside on the tour itself, I took a few shots along the way with my phone and uploaded them to Instagram. Also over the weekend, I ran into viral video sensation, Oliver “The Orb” and his parents at the Just Between Friends sale, where I scored a TON of stuff for supercheap for all of the kids- I encourage you to check and see if there is one going on in your area! 

Drive through the Wine Country

SO many good favors!
aaaand so many GROSS ones.

Smile, dagnabit! You’re literally a kid in a candy store. Yeesh.
Babywearing & rocking some seriously awesome paper hats.
Harry Potter in jelly beans!

I bet this is the last way James Dean thought he would be immortalized.
Our run-in with “The Orb’ & daddy Brian- ake up & practice their ‘WTF?” faces.

  Watch Oliver wake up for yourself:

and check him out on The Huffington Post!

What’s your favorite jelly bean flavor?
Have you ever met someone (kind of) famous or had a 15 minutes of fame yourself?

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