Soft Drinks; High in Sugar, Hard on Health

I’m reading a lot on sugar consumption and childhood obesity lately and am coming across a lot of great information! I recently posted an infographic on sugar; the leading way Americans take in extra sugar in their diet is soda, so I am adding these pics to pique your interest in paying attention to your own eating and drinking habits and especially to the forming consumption habits of your children!

I encourage you to read the labels of foods you choose for your children and see how much sugar and chemicals are added. I try and buy foods for my 5 & 8 year olds that have ingredients on the label that they can read! It’s a fun way to keep them involved in their own food choices and while shopping with multiple children. (and a baby!)

Since soda is unhealthy, unnecessary and addictive like cigarettes and alcohol, what if it were taxed the same?

Consider making the switch- even just once a day- to water. Small steps are still progress!

Soda VS Water
What was the most interesting thing you learned from these? I didn’t realize soda was such big business!

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