Back to School, Back to Sugar?

The average American will consume enough sugar in a lifetime to fill an an industrial dumpster! That is just one waist-expanding, cavity-inducing fact listed in this infographic. I’ve been reading a lot about sugar consumption in both adults, children and even babies lately and this is a simple share I thought I’d pass along.

Have you ever looked at your own sugar consumption? I challenge you to keep track -just for one day- and see how many grams you (and your kids!) average. Then, see if there are some simple switches you can make. Just swapping ONE soda for mineral water a day would do wonders for your body, wallet and the environment. (Remember diet soda is still soda! I’ll post an infographic for that next 🙂  Making the juice you give to your young ones half water cuts sugar in half and doubles the hydration. Also- it takes taste buds three weeks to adjust to diet changes, so if you are considering changing your diet/tastes to accomodate for less sugar, be patient with yourself.

I hope your back-to-schools go or went well! Let this serve as a gentle reminder to read the labels of the sugary drinks, snacks and even jellies and jams in those PB&Js that you pack for your little ones. If you have a smartphone, you can also check out the Fooducate app and see if there are healthier choices available for foods that you currently purchase. One step at a time! Better is better; progress is progress. It’s important to push ourselves forward, slowly but surely.

Start with this simple information- if it moves you, see what else you can find! I’d love to read more if you find something interesting- feel free to post here in the comments or on the wall in the Progressive Parent Facebook Community.

I’m going to get back to me coffee now- and maybe put a little less sugar in it.

Nursing Your Sweet Tooth
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