Wordless Wednesday: Kindergarten!

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday!
Holy smokes, is it school time already? 
This year, my little girl starts Kindergarten! I also have boys starting third and fifth grade, but they are markedly less excited. She’s been anxiously awaiting this day (and counting down, trust me) for what seems like her entire life! At her school, the have a “Kindergarten Tea” the day before school starts to acquaint the young ones to their teachers and classrooms without the entire student body bustling around. (Smart! They must have done this before…)
Tomorrow, I will endure for the first time, putting my Kindergartener onto a bus and hoping for the best. (Deeeep breaths!) The boys, I had the opportunity to walk to school (in Massachusetts, it was literally uphill in the snow, both ways sometimes- but now I can use that line for real. How many people do you know that can say that?) I am grateful her older brother will be with her to help show her the ropes- despite her practice day today, I know it will be exciting and overwhelming, as first days of school always are.
Without further adieu….
My Kindergartener!

Yup, she’s mine.

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  1. She could barely eat this morning, she was so excited! She LOVES learning, I can't wait to see her just take off in school. I'll definitely be writing all about it! Thanks for stopping by. πŸ™‚


  2. Kindergarten is a separate school?! Once again, I am always interested in other approaches to education. My daughter and I haven't ever been regularly apart, so this will be a big change for both of us. I love your blog, btw- I was reading yours while you were reading mine! πŸ™‚ I love it- it's all about finding yourself and balance! β™₯


  3. Aww- sweet cards! How old are the kids when they start Nursery school & is it free? I often wonder how education is approached in other countries- it seems SO ridiculous that the US doesn't provide public preschool to me.


  4. She looks so excited! What a cutie. I'm going to be putting my daughter on the bus for the first time for Kindergarten this year, too. I will cry. I almost cried this morning when my son got on the bus and he's ridden the bus before. I just can't believe summer break is over and now I'm not going to see him all day again. 😦 Here, the Kindergarteners are at a separate school, so she won't even have her big brother with her. Hope you have a great Wednesday. MichelleHeartfelt Balance Handmade Life


  5. Hope she has a blast – Kindergarten is such a special time!!!! Thanks for hosting and have a great week. I look forward to reading future posts on how she's liking it!!


  6. My youngest is now in Nursery, which is the first level of education here in the Philippines. :)My boys prepared get well soon cards for me when I was hospitalized. :)http://www.mommieontop.com/2012/08/ww-009Happy WW!


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