Tutorial Tuesday: Sew-Free Sock Baby

Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday!
I know how to do LOTS of stuff. I’ll show you how. Then, you can amaze your friends and family with your savvy ways, make your life easier, more beautiful,and your whole family more happy, natural and eco-friendly, too!

This week’s tutorial is on How to Make a Sew-Free Sock Baby

We have a new actual baby in the house, along with both 3 & 5 year old girls. You could say that babies are all the rage at our house right now. Another, less exciting thing that has taken over our house is single socks. I buy seasonal pairs in the dollar section at Target nearly year round- I can’t bring myself to throw away all those cute little things and I can’t find their matches for the life of me. You see where this whole “Sock Baby” thing is headed, don’t you! You clever reader, you.

This sock baby is a great, eco-friendly and Waldorf-inspired toy! It’s great for baby’s first toy all the way up through… well, whenever kids stop playing with dolls these days.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • One adult sock, preferably something stretchy over a thick, athletic sock.
  • 4-6 infant/toddler socks to make the hands/feet
  • as many socks as you want to make the belly a desirable size/shape and/or
  • A grocery bag, to make the “crackling” sound babies love- without the choking hazard! 
  • 5 small rubber bands, hair elastics or bits of yarn, string.

The rest is simple!

1. Take your main sock and stuff one or two baby socks into the toes.

2. Tie them off with the rubber bands, bits of string, etc. If making the baby for a younger child (or a real baby!) elastics are a safer choice to prevent choking hazards. 🙂

3. Stuff the body with socks and/or plastic grocery bags to make crackly noises and secure using whichever method you prefer.

3. Repeat steps 1-2, stuffing small socks into the heel of the sock to make the hands.

 4. Use one or two MORE socks to create the head. I chose to stuff a single small sock with two other socks and turn it over on itself to give it a rounder shape.

5. Twist and pull remaining part of the sock down and over the “head” to make a hat for your new baby’s head.

And you’ve made it! In less than 10 minutes, you can repurpose a dozen single socks and make a new toy to amuse your young one for hours. Win:win!

What nifty things do YOU know how to do?
     Thanks for checking in & see you next week, parents- 
    I can’t wait to learn some new stuff and try out your tutorials, too!
    *I’m always open to suggestions & willing to try stuff out, too! 
    Is there anything you’d like to learn?

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