Wordless Wednesday: Happy, Healthy, Hemp

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In honor of the Third Annual Hemp History Week from June 4-10th, I present:

Hemp: It’s not just for Hippies!
(although we sure do like it, lol)

Hemp and plastics. clothing, paper, ecological impact, global warming, medicine, health, food, protein, climate change, as a substitute for current concrete, canvas, oil for cars, construction materials, medicine,work for farmers, stimulation for the economy and MUCH more…

For some quotes on hemp:
(The music may not be your liking; I assume you know how to adjust your volume…)

If you’re looking for feature-length Hemp History you can chew on, check out
The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

and  Wordless Wednesday for more 
(probably all non-hemp-related) picture posts. πŸ™‚

Did you learn anything you didn’t already know?
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If you like this post, you can subscribe by RSS or e-mail and have a fairy
(or ‘a series of tubes’ if you’re Ted Stevens) personally deliver each post to your inbox.
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  1. I remember watching Dateline a while back and they did a social experiment on marijuana- driving, memory test, etc.
    The drivers that smoked ran over a few cones, and even drove a little slower than they should. They didn’t lash out and get violent. They didn’t drive too fast, as if to go “joy riding.” They didn’t stumble and fall over. Try we’re perfectly mellow. Then some lady goes and says that marijuana is dangerous. And the thc content is much higher than it was in the 60s. Well, to me, that just means take more care when using it, and know the potency.

    If they were to do the same test with someone who had been drinking and legally drunk, you’d bet your sweet behind the results would have been different. Alcohol kills. Marijuana doesn’t. I just don’t get why people are so afraid of it. To tell you the truth, I don’t think they’ll ever legalize it without a big backlash from big pharma. They will lose too much money it were to ever be legalized. And we know that big pharma and the Feds are best friend.


  2. It's been suggested that taxation on legally grown and sold cannabis could turn our economy right around providing funding for schools and other tax paid for programs. At the very least it ought to be legalized to promote medical research, control dosage and hopefully reduce chemically induced lethargy.


  3. Great post, thank's for sharing:)Visiting for Wordless Wednesday- hope you can stop by:)http://www.sweetposh.info/2012/06/eating-fruit-salad.html


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