Wordless Wednesday: Cup of Love

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday!

This week, I chose one of my most beloved possesions- something I would TOTALLY grab on the way out the door if there were an honest-to-goodness fire in my apartment, no joke.
It’s the best cup EVER! The proportions fit my sugar-to-coffee-to-almond milk ratio perfectly, not to mention the rainbow stars are rad, too. It even feels good to drink it because of the contour. My friend Melissa, whose husband is in the military and stationed in Germany, sent it to me from overseas when she read that I was having a hard time. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Not to mention I got my love of coffee from my dad. ♥

This is where the image will be, as soon s my stinking computer cooperates.
Work with what you’ve got, right? Ugh….

Here’s a different one, for now….

Totally true. 🙂

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