WittleBee: Cute Clothes on Cue

As usual, when I find out about something that seems fairly simple and ingenious, I feel like I have to share with you guys. I am in no way getting compensated -except in the way that everyone does by participating- for this post- just thought I’d knock that out of the way. I just found something I think is cool & thought I’d share- especially right before the height of the shopping season!

I’ve written about my mall experiences… let’s just say I’m keeping my outings that include shopping for kids with four kids to a minimum from now on. Also- I’m on a supertight budget: I couldn’t afford to shop at the mall even if I did want to. My kids’ wardrobes are nearly all comprised of hand-me-downs and gifted clothes that last as long as possible, with the exception of the baby, who needs an entire new wardrobe every three months! Finding another mama with kids just a size or two bit bigger than mine here and there has been a HUGE blessing. I haven’t found that niche for little P-monkey yet… but I have found WittleBee, which has clothing from sizes 0-3 months to 5T- just for the ‘wittle’ guys.

Their infographic breaks it down the most simply:

What makes WittleBee even more affordable and enticing for me not just the high quality clothes and labels (like Tea, Paul Frank, American Apparel, etc) from companies I like, but also that by signing up through a friend (or superawesometastical bloggerperson ::hinthint::) you save $10 on your first order and $10 for each person that you refer, too. Settings are chosen by filling out a profile that asks about obvious things like the age, gender and clothing needed (long or short sleeves, onesies, pants, etc) for your child(ren), then moves beyond that to ask about preferred styles, colors and accessories. Here’s an example of the settings I chose, which can be edited at anytime in about 30 seconds. You can view other sample boxes here.

The first package I got was cute-ish, but I got too much sports-related and red clothing, especially considering the above settings, so I told them so in a note:

and was much happier when I received this box, the next round:

$10 off coupon code: http://curebit.com/x/sVUwr

I was really happy with their customer service as well as the delivery speed. Once I had my first order placed, the box came in just three days! While I can’t promise the same speed depending on where you are and their level of orders for Christmas (Oh, you can gift Wittlbee, too! It’s the gift that keeps on giving- especially considering most baby clothes end up being gifted as hand-me-downs and go through at least another round of wear and tear) I can tell you that they were really on top of their service in every way and I’d be surprised if your account, comments & questions weren’t dealt with in the same timely manner.

I love getting my packages, so far. It’s a stretch for me to afford even the extra $40 a month, so I pause my membership after each package until I either get enough referrals or enough money for the next one, no problem! If you want to avoid the crowds and the rest that comes with shopping with and for kids- I highly recommend giving WittleBee a try.

Thanks for checking out my review and happy holiday shopping to you!

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