Wordless Wednesday: Labor Day at the San Francisco Zoo

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday!
Sunday marked the two year anniversary of my father’s passing. Septembers are hard for me (and the rest of the family) because of the timing of the holidays surrounding it, (click through here for more) but one advantage in the timing is that the holiday guarantees that we all have a long weekend to celebrate his life and process our grief with. This year, we used the holiday to check out the San Francisco Zoo! (I need to fix the spacing in the second half, for some reason, my computer is having a hard time. I am refusing to have a hard time with it anymore- it’s late! I’ll fix it in the morning, after coffee. I’m taking this as practice in letting the small things go… Happy WW!)

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See you next week!


  1. Very sad to hear of your loss (I was widowed some years ago). But he will always be with you, in your hearts. & when you enjoy yourselves & each other, you're celebrating him in the best way–the way he'd want you to remember him.


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