Wordless Wednesday: Faces in Fall

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As for me, I’m feeling the cozy Autumn wind and enjoying my tea, quiet mornings and reorganizing the house. (Well, I use the term loosely in pertinence to the latter, but I DO enjoy having it done!) In going through the closets and scrapbook stuffs, I came across this photo of my (now almost 11 year old) son; it was back when it was just he and I and we would spend chilly mornings drinking hot cocoa together at my favorite local coffee shop. 
Times have sure changed, but my love for fall, Aroma Roasters, tea, my oldest son’s surprised face and most of all, the love I bear for my children are as constant as ever. ♥

What are your favorite things about fall?
Did (or do) you have any special “date” spots with your kids?

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