Make a Wish Upon a Star…

There is a meteor shower happening tonight.
If you’ve ever wanted to make a wish on a “falling star, quit reading this and get outside!

Okay, it’s happening for the next two nights, too -with a peak tomorrow night on August 12th, so you still have a chance to see them if you aren’t subscribed and getting this in a timely manner. (Options on the left sidebar and at the bottom. Ahem. 😉

I found this infograph on Facebook and hoped there might be some truth in it somewhere amidst the grammatical errors.

While there IS a meteor shower, it is nowhere near rare- in fact, The California Academy of Sciences says it’s been observed every year for the past, oh, TWO THOUSAND years… so the person behind the image had about as much knowledge of the meteor shower as they do about proper English, but hey- if I hadn’t seen it, I’d have never known about it in the first place! …until next August 12th, when it happens again and someone else makes a lame infograph.

Here’s what the Cal Academy, who does know what they are talking about, has to say:

Every August 12th, Earth passes through the trail of dust left behind by Comet Swift-Tuttle. As particles of dust rain through the atmosphere and burn up, observers on the ground are treated to one of year’s best displays of “shooting stars,” or – more properly – meteors.

Observed annually for about 2,000 years, the Perseid shower qualifies as one of the most spectacular of the many meteor showers occurring during the year, with an average rate of 50-60 meteors per hour, compared to 5-15 per hour for many other showers.

Awesome. Thanks for clearing that up for us.

Now let’s get outside and make some wishes!
Tomorrow, you can grab the kids, your partner or friends. Tonight, I encourage you to take a wishful moment, just for you. ♥ You never know where open-ended, “wishful” thinking can bring you….

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