Wordless Wednesday: Wise, Wordful Women

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The National Women’s Hall of Fame turned 43 on Saturday and Inductee, Astronaut and first American Woman in space, Sally Ride died yesterday of pancreatic cancer. With my head surrounded by writing about these powerful, inspiring women, I’ve come across some images that I hope speak to you about knowing your own power and the importance of using it, too!

We recognize Feminism in this…

But it’s so much more!

I have mixed feeling on this one- I mean, I caught that they said, “Chantel”, not “Chanel”-  plus, read this post on Coco Chanel as a feminist, herself!

I’ve said here and here and here and here (and here and here. You get it.) how important it is for us as mothers and women to know and use our rights and to stick together, encourage, educate and support each other. I’m certainly nowhere near perfect. (Well, I am a Leo. It’s a close second Still…) I end up hating almost everything I write and never reading again after I hit ‘publish’. I wish I were as smart, sassy & hilarious as many (most!) of the blogs I enjoy… but I run my reactions and my thoughts here, anyhow- hoping maybe to inspire a few others to embrace what they love & do it, however imperfectly, too.

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  1. These are very strong, yet important messages in your post. Thank you for joining in on the Totally Tuesday Blog Hop at Frugal Living and More. I've linked up to your blog hop!


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