Wordless Wednesday: I Mustache You A Question

My man has a mustache. They are EVERYwhere these days. I figure, if you can’t beat them, join them, right?

This next picture is HUGE. And hilarious.
Granny Couch print Mustache!
Sesame ‘Stache!
It’s only a matter of time, anyhow…
Opera ‘Mo
Mustache Couture

Stoner ‘Stache! Found at Etsy shop Hedglass


DIY Daddy (or Colonel Sanders!) Mustache

WOW. That is all.
Peter Griffin weighs in on the ‘stache
and one more hilarious video I couldn’t resist:
Have YOU ever had that “Mustache Feeling”?

Happy Wordless Wednesday!
My Linky isn’t working!! :o{(
(See my mustache sadface?) 
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