Weekend Blog hop: Popsicles

If this is your first time to the site, welcome! I’m a SAHM Mama with 5 kids, a love of music (most types except Gangsta Rap, but even THAT I like from time to time. What whaaaat! *ahem* Well, it looks like the coffee’s kicking in….) an ability to burn most anything I cook (although I LOVE baking. I posted my first very own recipe for really yummy, healthful chocolate chip cookies that can even help with milk supply while breastfeeding here!) and the remarkable ability to remain patient. I’m into attachment parenting: breastfeeding on demand, babywearing, cosleeping and all that other hippie shit- oh, and I curse from time to time. Sorry, Mom.

This is my first time blog hopping and I honestly didn’t prepare very well… does it help if I say my 4 month old hasn’t been sleeping well, either? 

Yeah… we;ve all been there. So I’m going to cheat and show you a video we made last summer that shows each of my kids- minus the little guy, so here’s a picture of him, in better form:

Isn’t he CUTE?! Gosh, you can see why I keep making them, lol! Well, that and the fact that my kids are well behaved- mostly. They even eat vegetables, tofu, and can order (and make!) their own sushi.

We like to make all kinds of things at home; I love finding ways to upcycle and redecorate! We try and reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible. Pinterest has been a source of lots of inspiration for me, as well as many other moms, I know! I’m working on my first tutorial for some AMAZING herbal salve that should be up on Monday- I can’t wait to share.

I have two daughters that have long hair- my hair is over 2ft. long, too! We go through a lot of detangler & deep conditioner, let me tell you! After years of drill team and being in choir where braids were required, I honed my braiding skills and love experimenting with fun & challenging hairstyles. I’m always looking for ideas! See something you’ve always wanted to do, but never knew how? Find me over at my second blog (you know, inf my “Free Time”, lol!) over at TwoTutus– or post a picture on our Facebook page &
 I’ll come up with a tutorial for you! Lucky for me, my girls are really patient and both LOVE having their hair, “like a princess!” or “like a hip girl!” as they say.

Danny (Daddy, if you came out of my crotch) runs to social media and of Burning Token Records and also TBHsk8boarding (Twitter: @TBHsk8boarding) I used to skate, until I could drive and decided that it hurt a LOT less, lol! I still support skateboarding, especially the DIY skatepark movement. We have a lot of fun together, despite being near polar opposites. He’s more of the “Punk” part of our parenting: You know, like in “The Other F Word

and without further adieu… the rest of out troops, in all their silly glory! This is one of my favorite things EVER- you’ll probably understand why. ๐Ÿ™‚

New to the Blog Hop process, too? Check out any of the links below.Don’t forget to add your own site  and a comment at the end! ๐Ÿ™‚


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