To Moby is to Love Me v.2: 5 Reasons I Wrap

We all love lists. I can’t get through a day without making one! There are “Top 10” ways to practically everything these days. When I was thinking about my first piece about my experience babywearing, I naturally composed a list of points to highlight that ended up being almost exclusively about the Moby. Since I know I’m not alone in my love of listing, I thought I’d create a follow-up post with just the highlights of my MobyLove.

  1.  It’s comfortable. Let’s start with the basics. Wearing ANYthing can suck if it doesn’t feel right. The Moby is made of cotton that feels like the thickest, softest t-shirt you’ve ever felt. Which leads me to…
  2. It’s machine washable, just like the rest of the clothes you & your baby will spill, spit-up, drool or otherwise engrossify. Now, when I try and sneak in some food when the baby is happy and sleeping on my chest & a stray bit of deliciousness falls- I just throw the Moby in with the fifteen other loads of laundry I seem to always have going and get on with it.
  3. There are no straps to adjust or leave flapping in the breeze. When you Moby (it really should be a verb, anyhow) there are no adjustments necessary! With other carriers -save the simplest of slings, which is my second favorite way to wear my munchkins- there are clips and straps and snaps (oh my!) that require adjusting after baby is in place- and some (like the Baby Bjorn, which used to be the crowd favorite) have adjustments in the back to made, too. Great that they’re customizable for comfort, but it’s like an adjustable hospital bed vs. a tempurpedic.
  4. It’s simple. I know, I know…. but it’s LONG! So is the end of “Hey Jude”, but you know what? Get it once and it’s stuck for life. There are easy to follow videos and written instructions with pictures on the site and even a Moby d which is a shorter version if you still feel intimidated. I’ll bet you a latte that if you put on Hey Jude and grab your Moby, you’ll have both a great hold and a great song lodged in your head by the time you’re singing, “Naaaaaa na na nanananaaaaa….” Trust me, the Moby will stick as easily, I promise.
  5. You can use it right away. With the Newborn Hug Hold, (as long as your baby’s reached 8lbs.) you can snuggle that sweet baby close to your heart from day one! Other carriers, though they say from 8-35lbs, require babies to be a specific size & shape before (comfortable) use. Sure, you can put a tiny baby in a carrier of your choice, but his or her poor face will be swallowed by the top opening and their limbs, until after 3 or 4 months of age, will be swimming inside- and hopefully not caught in the holes, flaps and straps & stifling polyester. 
How do you wear your baby and what do you love about it? 
Did you blog about it somewhere, too? 
I reply to all comments and follow back. I’d love to hear from you! 

Naaaaa, na na nanananaaaa….

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