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Udder Bullsh*t: Award Winning Blogger, Author and Artist Behind Hathor, The Cow Goddess Banned From Facebook During World Breastfeeding Week (and she emailed ME!)

It’s my birthday today. I was just writing about how the whole thing has got me bummed, since one of the last smiling pictures of my dad ever taken was with my sister and I, a month before he died on my birthday in 2010. To make matters worse, the baby hasn’t been sleeping well. … Continue reading

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Attention Big Brother: Big Mother Is Watching YOU!

I got banned this weekend from Facebook for posting a picture of a mother (a well educated woman and my personal friend who consistently annihilates me at Words with Friends!) nursing her infant son in bed while her daughter “nurses” her “baby”, too.  I was initially shocked & outraged, but after a day of introspection, I realized that … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: B is for Boobfood

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday! Okay, like always, it’s not entirely wordless! Did you know I also run a Lactivist site? Click on the “Boobfood” tab to check it out! Let me send you away with some breastfeeding touchpoints I hope leave you thinking:  Only 14% of American women exclusively breastfeed their babies up until 6 … Continue reading