From Alcatraz
by spoon
I’ve reached the sea
that spans the world
though the particular name
and location
of my free
that touches everything
is specific
as are the bridges there
because they are where
I call home

When I found myself
on that shore
having abandoned all hope
of simple ability
to ever walk
as myself
scars and all
weight of identification
and experience
steeling myself from
stealing myself from
from being constantly
guarding and guarded
I couldn’t
maybe I can never
believe it

I took in
the air there
having never felt
such freedom to breathe
and realized
I had never even known
that feeling of
in my cells
was possible

A fantasy adventure
a risk worth taking
knowing from
soul to toes that
you are Love to me
in ways I never knew
and always wished to
I choose you
to hurt me
and hold me
knowing life is a balance
and never expecting perfect
from either of us

now you know
kind of
there’s a manger
away from danger
where my heart finds peace


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