I am conscious of my body
and the things it is capable of
Which is everything
I choose so
I decide and decipher
what my soul is tied to
and which paths will be left
Because at night
I always
walk alone

A blast of
swirling questions
fear and judgement
rain down
but I can hear
my new self calling
to my now self
from the other side
of passing storms
and I move forward
inch by furious inch
towards the me
I am becoming
for She and I
are the only ones

Life asks many questions
plants many seeds
None of which
I am obligated to water
or channel my flow into
I know
I chose
I choose
for my path
the place
and the shape
that resonates
nourishes and
excites my soul
by releasing
what does not

I am The One
who bears the scars
and the pain
of what it takes
to let go
of what I cannot hold
for reasons my own
or of Unknown
with grace
and without shame
I am
these choices are
these consequences are
this life is

When shame knocks
I do not answer
When anger comes
I shake hands and say
you’re right
off you go
When sorrow comes
I give her tea
and we sit until
The light comes again

There will be no
canned responses
each step
each situation
each breath
no dictator of
my journey
from atop a pyramid scheme
of exploited vulnerabilities
None of this
for the woman
I’m raising

I am conscious of my body
I am The One
who knows
and interprets
My source
My path
My life

No, there will be

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