The Other Woman

I know you loved him first
and that like mine
your heart has been full of intent
even when deeply sequestered
to give him the best that you have
to have loved him the longest
the best, and the most
and I know all too well
that I can’t compete with time

the lack of you
sits on the back of whom
my heart is tied to
a hole that’s  never filled
yours by accident or will
and I know because
and it takes one to see one

and I thank you
with all of my broken heart
for your part
in the man who makes us
the us that we are
it’s so special to me
and it’s so plain to see
how much he fucking loves you

and don’t think I don’t know
how it feels to be years
and a short drive away
feeling so chained
to what you wish had been
and even more afraid of what
actually exists

but what you don’t understand is
how close you really are
to conversations with the one I love
conversing with most
to planting seeds in the parts of him
nothing else grows

and how far you really are
from understanding
how far sons can truly be
and I’m so glad you don’t
because from that
my heart would never recover

if we ever meet
and I hope we do
I hope you know
how proud you should be
of the man that he’s raised
himself to be
and how much I wish
things were better for you

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