What I meant to say
when I said all those words
is that I’ll keep choosing you
and time’s proven it true
and I’m not going to be the one
who couldn’t ask
or couldn’t tell

This won’t slip through the cracks
because it’s in the centers
of who I am
nuclei to some of my favorite
positive and atomic states
and though my heart’s fractured
and missing some pieces
you are the kintsukuroi
in all but my most broken spaces

Even the times I fall apart
when the saturation
of my heart and mind
comes streaming from my eyes or lips
moments I wish never existed
and am forever bound to have
I am still more
centered, peaceful, and capable
for knowing you
and the me I am
when you are near

Some parts of of my heart
will always be
broken and aching
and can’t be filled
because that space
and whom it belongs to
is part of that person I am
have fought to become
and am fiercely protective of
I am grateful and honored
you not only help me
hold that space
but make room in yours, too

Though I’m not yet
steady on my feet
I’ll keep practicing
all of the steps to be
and if you can wait for me
to climb out of my cocoon
and not pull me too soon
when I am done flying through
where the missing part of
my heart is
you will be
the first place I land

- kintsukuroi


    1. Hey, thanks for providing the link! I can’t zoom in from my computer now, but maybe there’s a watermark from whomever made the picture? I’d seen it on Google and Facebook, where you must have a big job ahead to be tracking down. My post has linked to yours, and I’m sorry someone used your work without credit, I had no idea. ❤



  1. Hey, Julie–

    Tried to read your post, but it said it was password protected and I couldn’t find it at all when I went to your site, just thought I’d let you know in case something was wrong with the link…love your way as always dear lady.

    Lea Stanton Gregor 406-560-5683



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