Wordless Wednesday: First Tooth!

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday!
There’s a lot going on in my world these days- my oldest son turned 11 last week, my second son turns 9 this weekend and a month (exactly!) after that, my youngest son turns 1! (I have one daughter, as well- her birthday is in the Spring.) In the midst of birthday and Halloween celebration preparations, our youngest funky monkey FINALLY broke his first tooth! If you’ve been following on my Facebook page, you know the teething woes we’ve been experiencing- I’m so glad to have made some visible progress after so much struggling with sleepless nights, uncomfortable daytimes and crazy poopstorms. (Yes. Poopstorms. It’s exactly like it sounds. A poopstorm is, in fact the reason for the pictured bathtime…)
And yes, I will continue breastfeeding, despite the impending chompers. I’m no weaner! 😉
It’s there! On his lower right side. See it? There’s another one one it’s way right next to it…
Have you celebrated any milestones recently?

Thanks for checking in & see you next week!


  1. Yay for the first tooth. Funny you should mention milestones, this week I shared about Baby Harold learning to creep for our WW. He got his first tooth exactly 2 weeks ago and his 2nd tooth last week. Still can't get a good picture though.


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