Prop 37: Our Right to Know What’s In Our Food

Elections are getting closer every day! Though I’ve had my head in a bit of a hole lately, but I can’t let this info pass us by. It’s our duty as parents to pay attention to things that effect our children; eating and health are certainly things we all have in common, regardless of political affiliation.

I am lucky enough to live in the progressive state of California, where The Food Labeling Act is on the ballot. (It is already a law in effect in over 50 countries) Twenty other states tried to get it on their ballots, but were turned down by Congress and Monsanto, along with dozens of other big name corporations are putting big money into fighting.

According to

“What makes the referendum in California different is that, for the first time, voters and not politicians will be the ones to decide- which has the food industry worried. Understandably so, since only one in four Americans is convinced that GMOs are “basically safe,” according to a survey conducted by the Mellman Group, and a big majority wants food containing GMOs to be labeled. ” 

There are also studies like this one, citing the manufacturing workers handling the pesticides at Monsanto in Iowa started contracting colorectal cancer and leukemia, or here about how people are dying of cancer due to benzene exposure or the recent study on feeding rats GMO corn that left them cancerous, bloated, sterile and dead.

Gee, can I have what they’re having? Sounds AWESOME. Or you know, not

What’s worse, is that there are companies we trust as “natural” that are donating tons of money to not reveal their cancer-inducing food/money sources. Whether or not the food labeling act passes in California, these companies will continue to support Monsanto and its GMO foods.

“Consumers might be surprised to find out that brands hiding under ‘natural’ facades are in fact owned by multi-billion-dollar corporations that are contributing bushel baskets of cash to defeating Proposition 37,”

says Charlotte Valleys, Director of Farm and Food Policy at The Cornucopia Institute.

View an expandable version of this graphic here.

Read more on food labeling via

Disappointed you’ve been duped? Concerned about cancer? Not in California? You can still make your voice heard by signing the petition here.

Want more information? There are films like Food Inc.King Corn and The World According to Monsanto, as well as Controlling Our Food, one, available on my YouTube channel:

For a complete list of Monsanto-owned companies, check my posting here and for A Muthaflippin’ HUGE infographic on Real Food vs. GMO Food, click here!

Also, check out:

Vote YES on Prop 37 & say NO to GMOs!

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