Wordless Wednesday: Grab Button Goodness

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday!

I finally put together a button for my blog! I have one for Wordless Wednesday already (the black & white one above) but it’s taken a little personal development and time before I was able to put together something I was happy with. I used a picture from the San Francisco Zoo trip my mom & sisters and I took to break the ice into September, since we knew it would be a difficult month. I’m still reeling a bit and recovering from it all… perhaps in time, I will go through and expand on each of the things listed in the picture, (Though I’ve already written about coffee, breastfeeding, radness, grief and more….but for now, it is what it is… and here it is, available as a 200 x 200 grab button in the lefthand sidebar. πŸ™‚

Happy WW & thanks for checking in!

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